A Perfect Fit


Why is a professional fitting better?

A bra boutique will have the size ranges needed to get the correct fit.  A professional fitter will care to develop a relationship with you, give you expert advice and information, and address any special needs that may impact your choices. Our owner and professional fitter, Peggi Joy, has 20 years of clinical and healthcare experience. She is a Board Certified Breast Prosthetic Fitter as well. She knows what bras should do for your health and looks and that quality counts. She is able to fit you in bras that are right for you, translate sizing across design lines, and help you build a solid bra wardrobe to fit your fashion needs, saving you time, frustration, and money, all things that cannot happen online and that don’t happen at the mall or in department stores.

Why do I need an appointment for a first-time fitting? 

Bras are intimate garments that need to be comfortable and fit correctly. We want to be able to spend that first quality time with each customer to get it right from the start. And we do all types of fittings, so we don’t want you to have to wait.

What if I have shopped there before?

This is what makes that first fitting so worthwhile! When you want to repurchase or add bras, we can quickly pull our latest styles for you or get any foundation bras you usually buy because we know what fits and have kept your purchase record and personal fitting info. No appointment needed and no wading through racks of bras trying to figure it out yourself!

Is there a fee?

For a first-time fitting there is a one-time-only fee of $40.  This fee is reduced to $25 with the purchase of any regular fashion or foundation bra. The fitter will spend a lot of time with you so that you receive good solid advice and beautiful fitting bras that you will wear and love.

Do you carry A and B cup bras? 

Right now, we only carry A and B cups in mastectomy and post-surgical bra styles. We also carry B cups in hard-to-find sizes in the bigger bands 40-44B.